The Shadow Sister – Lucinda Riley

I was sad to hear of Lucinda Riley’s death last month as she has been a favourite author of my Mum and me, she was an amazing author.

I have just finished reading the amazing ‘The Shadow Sister’ by Lucinda Riley the third book in the Seven Sisters series, it is very emotional and romantic but also with added humour.

The story follows two main characters Star (2007) and Flora (1909-1940s) with different parts of the book telling the paths their lives lead. Star is trying to unravel the clues left by her Pa Salt before his death, to find the origins of her birth.

I felt drawn to Star’s character as there were a lot of similarities to feelings, I have had in the past of finding myself and where I belong. This made it a very emotional ride for me, and I enjoyed every moment of this book.

I would say it would be best to start from the beginning of the series to get a bit more of the background to Star’s story as although explained very well will be more understood after reading the Seven Sisters first book.

Overall a very heart warming and beautifully written book. I am looking forward to reading the rest in the Seven Sisters series to find out about all the other sisters.


💜💜💜💜💜 (Out of 5)

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