The Devil and the Dark Water – Stuart Turton

I received ‘The Devil and the Dark Water’ by Stuart Turton as part of my crime/thriller subscription from Bert’s books, and I must say that this book was another excellent choice.

The story is set in 1634 aboard the Saardam, and follows Samuel Pipps, his bodyguard Arent Hayes and the Governor Generals wife Sara Wessel.

You hear and feel the perils and hysteria of the passengers and the crew, whilst the tale of ‘Old Tom’ terrorises all aboard.

Unravelling the mystery and horror of ‘Old Tom’ becomes the main priority so that the Saardam can complete its voyage to Amsterdam.

I really loved Sara’s character as she was a strong woman who wanted to change her life and to break free of what was ‘expected’ of a woman. I must admit that this book kept me guessing until the end, as I didn’t manage to solve any of the clues that may have been there throughout.

Overall, a brilliantly written crime mystery with an eerie feel that makes you want to read more and more to find out the truth.


💜💜💜💜 (Out of 5)

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