The Jigsaw Man – Nadine Matheson

I was lucky enough to win a copy of ‘The Jigsaw Man’ by Nadine Matheson earlier this year. I had read so many good things about this book on social media, and I was really excited to read. I was certainly not disappointed.

The book is set in Central London and follows DI Henley on her first big case since putting the serial killer Peter Olivier behind bars. Peter was known as the ‘Jigsaw killer’ and when bodies start to show up that mimic his killing style, there are thoughts he may be behind the new murders.

Henley must put her past dealings with Peter behind her to try and gain any insight which could help find out who the copycat killer is.

I really enjoyed this book although I did find it hard to keep track of all the different surnames at some points, especially when the first names were also used sometimes instead. I loved the idea of this book though and how you got to see from Peter’s side at times too.

Overall, the increasing tension and shocking details of the murders, makes this the perfect crime thriller, and is an amazing debut from Nadine. I would love to read more from Nadine.


💜💜💜💜💜 (Out of 5)

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