Book Post 24.07.21

I have received a number of books this week, not all through the post.

💜 The Pearl Sister – Lucinda Riley

  • My Mum has lent me the fourth book in the Seven Sisters Series, such a great series, looking forward to continuing.

💜 Here is the Beehive – Sarah Crossan

  • A late birthday present from my Mum, this was on my to buy list at Christmas, but has just been released in paperback.

💜 Laura’s Diary – Laura Sayers

  • My sister has lent me this book. I remember listening to excerpts from this diary on Scott Mills radio show when I was younger. This should be a fun read and bring back

💜 Purchases of the next books for my series collections, I was lucky to have an Amazon voucher for my birthday to purchase these. I’m enjoying all of these series so far:

  • Swansong – Damien Boyd
  • Good Girl – Mel Sherratt
  • Dark memories – Liz Mistry

💜 Kindle e-book purchase. It is not shown in the picture but I have also bought:

  • What you’ve done – J.A. Schneider

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