The Lies You Told – Harriet Tyce

I picked up a copy of ‘The Lies You Told’ by Harriet Tyce back in April when I was in my local supermarket. I had heard a lot about ‘Blood Orange’, but I was still to read either. I decided to start with ‘The Lies You Told’.

This book follows the life of Sadie Roper and her daughter Robin as they try to settle into their new life back in England. Escaping her past relationship, she sets her sights on making a new start, and enrols her daughter in her old school.

Sadie finds it hard to fit in with the other school Mum’s and must find a way to change this, for her daughter’s sake. Eventually she manages to make a ‘school Mum’ friend and once secrets & lies unfold, gets involved offering her support.

I found Sadie to be a very relatable main character. I have recently, since lockdown, been able to have the opportunity to work from home and now do the school run. I have never managed to fit into the ‘school Mum’ groups, especially as I wasn’t around much at school in the first couple of years. I felt her emotions and related to just wanting a fresh start.

Overall, a riveting read with plenty of lies and secrets.



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