The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Laura Imai Messina

I received ‘The Phone Box at the Edge of the World’ by Laura Imai Messina (translated by Lucy Rand) as part of my fiction subscription with @Bertsbooks. The idea of this book is beautiful, and the cover has a delicate, pretty design.

The book follows Yui following the death of her mother and daughter in the tsunami, in Japan. She learns of a phone box which allows you talk to your lost loved ones and decides to travel there to try it for herself.

On her journey she meets Takeshi, a husband who is dealing with the grief of losing his daughter.

Once they reach the garden they learn of its history and the stories of some that choose to visit the phone box.

The story explores the stages of grief and the emotions between two strangers who are trying to deal with the enormous devastation of their losses.

I found this book to be beautiful and very emotional. I lost someone close myself two years ago and reading this helped me to understand that the ways I dealt with the grief were normal. There were some shorter chapters in-between which broke up the story, giving extra information and insights into the story. I really enjoyed reading this lovely book.

Overall, a very emotional but uplifting story about grief.



13 thoughts on “The Phone Box at the Edge of the World – Laura Imai Messina

  1. This sounds like a beautiful story. I’m so sorry for your loss Jenny Lou. Books about grief are so hard for me to read, but I do feel better afterwards.

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  2. I read a Children’s Picture Book about this phone booth a few years ago. This book sounds like one I would love to read. We all deal with grief in out own way and there is no proper plan or steps. I lost my husband almost five years ago and I still deal with the grief, but it doesn’t his me as often or as hard as it used to. Thanks for the great review and for introducing me to this book.

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  3. Reblogged this on beetleypete and commented:
    I am always complaining about lack of original ideas in books and films. Here is one that I can’t complain about. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but it sounds like an excellent idea, and an emotional read.

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