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Monthly Wrap Up – July 2021

Wow I can’t believe my blog will be 4 weeks old tomorrow!!!! I have had an amazing start and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented, and followed. I am proud of what I have managed to achieve in this short amount of time.

This is my first monthly wrap up so I would like to start with what I have been up to this month:

πŸ’œ I have been contacted by some authors & PR agents to review a few more books. It is an honour to be asked to review authors books and I will look forward to reading all and I hope my reviews help in some way to promote your books.

πŸ’œ I signed up to NetGalley this month as I have heard so much about it, and I have been extremely lucky to have had quite a few approvals already. Really excited to be able to read ARC copies of all the books I have been approved.

πŸ’œ I have also signed up to a few book tours with Hobeck books, so looking forward to taking part in these over Sept, Oct, and Nov.

πŸ’œ Due to all the requests, NetGalley approvals and book tours I have started up a calendar so I can plan the deadlines for reading and when I need to post the reviews. I’m hoping this will help, but I am sure this will need to be tweaked a bit as I work out the best way to manage everything.

πŸ’œ I have also made a new plan for my TBR, which I will be posting tomorrow. I am going to try and alternate between books I have been requested to review and the books I have personally bought myself. I’m hoping this will work, but we will see.

Reading this month:

I set myself the challenge of reading 5 books this month and I managed 6, so I am happy with that. I have read:


πŸ’œ Kickback by Damien Boyd

πŸ’œ Where We Belong by Anstey Harris

πŸ’œ The Devil and the Dark Water by Stuart Turston

All Reviews are live on the reviews page.


πŸ’œ ARC Copy of Petrichor by Melanie Rees – Released Oct 15/10/21

πŸ’œ Covert Identities by Amabel Daniels

πŸ’œ ARC copy The Crying House by B.R. Spangler – Released 03.08.21

All reviews are live on the reviews page

My Books of the month:

I have decided I must choose two as my books of the month, as they are different genres so I can’t pick just the one:

πŸ’œ Petrichor by Melanie Rees

πŸ’œ The Crying House by B.R. Spangler

My current read is:

πŸ’œ Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

I’m looking forward to my next monthly wrap up, and another thank you to everyone who is taking the time to read my posts.


6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up – July 2021

  1. You are doing well Jenny. Glad to see you are getting into ARCs, blog tours and publisher requests. Your reading will change as these things happen. I have read and loved books I probably never would have read otherwise. Here’s to many more wonderful months and years of blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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