The Package – Sebastian Fitzek

I received ‘The Package’ by Sebastian Fitzek from @Bertsbooks as part of my crime/thriller subscription. Another great choice and a brilliant read.

This book follows Emma, the only survivor of the serial killer ‘The hairdresser’.

Emma struggles after the ordeal she went through and cannot build up enough courage to leave her house.

One day she receives a mysterious package which she must look after for a neighbour. This causes her anxieties to reach an extreme level and she starts to doubt her own saneness.

What follows is a riveting string of events whilst Emma tries to fight her extreme fear of the outside world and uncover the mystery of the package she has in her house.

Wow!!! This book had me gripped all the way through & the main character Emma really got into my head. I found myself having the same anxieties and paranoia as her and it kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know how this was going to end.

Overall, a gripping psychological thriller, which has you doubting your own sanity.



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