Book Post and Other Book News 06.08.21

Another exciting week for Book Post, NetGalley approvals, Review Requests & e-book purchases.

Book Post:

Berts Books Subscription:

This week I received my Berts Books Crime/Thriller & Fiction subscription books. There was a lovely black ribbon tied around too, but my daughter got there first and removed her book from the delivery before I managed to take a picture.

Included was:

πŸ’œ The Beresford – Will Carver

πŸ’œ Fortune Favours the Dead – Stephen Spotswood

πŸ’œ Contacts – Mark Watson

Competition Win:

I recently won a copy of The Cornish Cream Tea Wedding by Cressida McLaughlin.

I entered the competition on the twitter page of Pam Robertson.

The publisher is Harper Collins.

I am really looking forward to reading, sounds like a lovely read. Thank you to Pam Robertson and Harper Collins.

E-Book Purchases:

I must admit I was trying to stay away from purchasing too many e-books as I have many on my kindle already, but I got too tempted by the following:

Paper Castles – B Fox

The Affair – Sheryl Browne

The Girl at my Door – Rebecca Griffiths

Pre – Order – Release date 23.09.21

NetGalley Approvals:

I have had another approval from the 10 I requested last week and I snuck in another request which also got approved:

ARC e-book copy – The Start of Something by Miranda Dickinson

Release date 03.02.22

ARC e-book copy – The Liar’s Child by Sheryl Browne

Release date 21.09.21

Review Request:

I was approached this week by White Rabbit Books to review Hoglet’s Christmas Magic by Lynette Creswell, a new children’s book due out 28.08.21.

I’m always trying to encourage my little girl to read more and I’m looking forward to reading this with my her. Our review will be posted on publication day.

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