George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley – Helen Fox

I received a gifted copy of ‘George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley’ by Helen Fox in return for my honest review. When I received the book in the post my first thoughts were that it had a beautiful cover and that just showed what type of book it was going to be.

George loses his parents right at the beginning of the book, and after an encounter with Plato the Owl, he learns of a wonderful place he can start a new life called Blossom Valley.

Blossom Valley is full of different creatures who live together in a close community, but a jealous ladybird threatens the happiness that lies in the Valley.

George has many adventures whilst he is coming to terms with his grief and shows just how courageous he can be. Every part of the book had some new escapade which made the book that even more exciting.

I loved how the creatures all had their own personalities and it felt in a way like they were the same as humans. I sometimes see the birds in the garden and see how they act and call or speak to each other, and I think this book is going to have my imagination go wild when watching them again.

I will be reading this with my daughter and her friend very soon, although this book would appeal to all ages.

Overall, this is a magical, emotional, and beautiful book which shows the close-knit community come together to protect their home. I would love to hear more from the creatures of Blossom Valley.



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