Five Strangers – E.V. Adamson

I received ‘Five Strangers’ by E.V. Adamson as part of my subscription with @Bertsbooks. I had this on my to buy list so I was really looking forward to reading.

Five strangers are going about their everyday lives on Kite Hill in Hamstead Heath, London. Suddenly they witness a shocking and violent murder-suicide.

One of these strangers is recently sacked journalist Jen Hunter, who after the terrible event receives messages from an unknown source raising her doubts about what she had seen.

Is she having another mental breakdown or is someone trying to mess with her head? But is it her ex-boyfriend or someone who was on the Hill that day?

She uses this experience and her journalist skills to bring all five strangers together to confirm their own accounts of that tragic day.

This book is written in two points of view Jen’s, and her best friends Bex. The chapters alternate between the two characters and give you more of an insight as the secrets and lies unfold.

This book is amazing you really don’t know what you are going to find out next and is an exciting and gripping read.

Overall, a dark, disturbing, and breath-taking thriller which leaves you feeling like you don’t know who you can trust.


💜💜💜💜.5 /5

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