The New Home – Chris Merritt

I received a free ARC e-book copy of ‘The New Home’ by Chris Merritt through NetGalley from the publisher @Bookouture. I am grateful for the publisher approving my request and I was excited to read as I have seen this advertised a lot on twitter. The publication date for ‘The New Home’ is: 07/09/21.

This book is set at Sunningdale Road in the London suburb of Weybridge. Freya a documentary maker and her cardiologist husband Jack move into their new home. Although it needs a lot of work Freya dreams this will be their forever home.

Freya makes friends with the next-door neighbours Emily and Cathy as she tries to settle into her new neighbourhood. Suddenly Emily and her daughter go missing and once the police seem to not be interested Freya takes the investigating into her own hands.

She sets up a website to try and help find her friend and soon she gets posts which point towards Emily’s husband Michael and threats to stop looking into the disappearance.

Freya must fight her anxieties and try to work out who she can trust, whilst trying to find out the whereabouts of her friend Emily whether she is alive or dead.

I really enjoyed reading this book it had a great storyline and even when you think you may have worked out what is going on, you keep doubting yourself as the different events unfold. Freya is a relatable character, and in ways I could see myself wanting to find out the truth as much as she does, but maybe not to the lengths she goes.

Overall, a brilliant, unsettling thriller which has you thinking how much you actually know about what goes on behind closed doors and doubting if you can trust your neighbours.


💜💜💜💜 /5

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