Seven Lies – Elizabeth Kay

‘Seven Lies’ by Elizabeth Kay was another book I received from my Mum for Christmas. It was one of the books that stood out to me when scrolling through twitter last year. This is Elizabeth’s debut book and is a great read. (Sorry for the picture not the best one I have taken 🤣).

This book is narrated by Jane and follows her as she confesses to her seven lies. Throughout the book she opens up and relays all her emotions and feelings to all of her readers.

Jane has been best friends with Marnie since they were kids and have shared much of their life together. As happens in life Marnie gets married and moves on with her life. Jane has never liked him, although this may be partly down to jealously of not having her best friend all to herself.

As you go through the book Jane’s confessions get even more shocking & dark until you are led up to a devastating event.

I strangely felt like I related to the narrator Jane in this story, which left me with a chilling feeling. I usually like to relate with the characters but with the shocking lies unveiled, it is scary.

Overall, a dark and chilling debut book from Elizabeth Kay leaving you not knowing who you can trust.


💜💜💜 /5

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