The Silent House – Nell Pattison

I received ‘The Silent House’ by Nell Pattison as a Christmas present, another book I picked that I saw advertised on Twitter last year.

Paige Northwood is a BSL interpreter from Scunthorpe. When a little girl is murdered in her bed with her siblings in the same room and her family in the room next door, she is called in by the Police to help interpret.

The Hunter family are all deaf, so the police need to determine whether this was someone already in the home or an intruder. Soon a large proportion of the local deaf community are under suspicion.

The police try to keep Paige out of the investigation and keep reminding her, she is only there to interpret. However, Paige’s curiosity and the fact that this is all becoming close to home means she continues to delve into the lives of her local deaf community to try and work out who is the killer.

Wow this book was amazing. I loved it from start to finish, kept me interested all the way through and I couldn’t put it down. I also liked how in between the main story there were chapters counting down to show events leading up to that night.

The storyline seems very different as I haven’t really given a thought to what would happen in this situation when the family are deaf and require an interpreter. It must be hard for the interpreters to separate their emotions from their jobs, especially if they don’t always work on murder cases.

Even though I read this back in February, I am still to purchase the other 2 in the series, but I will. I am soon going to be reading an ARC copy of a new standalone book from Nell Pattison due out in December. I am looking forward to reading all of these.

Overall, an excellent debut thriller with shocking secrets.


💜💜💜💜💜 /5

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