My Lies, Your Lies – Susan Lewis

Another book I received as a Christmas present was ‘My Lies, Your Lies’ by Susan Lewis. I had never read anything by Susan Lewis before, so it was a treat to find a new author I could read more of in the future.

Joely is a ghost writer and after her husband leaves she is offered an opportunity to go and stay with Freda a reclusive writer to help her write her memoir.

Although Freda is reclusive, she is eccentric but is also mysterious. She hires Joely as she wants her story to be told to all.

Joely is interested in helping and finds herself at each stage trying to guess the ending of the story, much to Freda’s annoyance.

The story Freda relates to Joely starts with a fifteen-year-old who falls head over heels in love with her schoolteacher. What follows is many twists and turns not only in Freda’s story but in the relationship between Freda and Joely.

I found this book a little hard to get into at first, but as I continued, I wanted to read and read. There are so many secrets I just wanted to find out what Freda would come out with next. Very good and a surprising twist to the last section of the novel.

Overall, a slow starting thriller which builds up to an intense ending with many secrets.


💜💜💜💜 /5

7 thoughts on “My Lies, Your Lies – Susan Lewis

  1. I have enjoyed a few of Susan Lewis’ books, but I missed this one. Wonderful review Jenny, I am intrigued. I find her books often start slow, but I know they will pick up and I am ready for that. So glad you enjoyed this one.

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