After the Silence – Louise O’Neill

I received ‘After the Silence’ as part of my crime/thriller subscription from @Bertsbooks. Another great choice although this book has left me with a chilling feeling.

This book is set on the island of Inisrun, where a violent crime took place at a party at Henry & Keelin Kinsella’s house. Nessa Crowley was murdered and although the main suspect is Henry he was never convicted of the crime.

Ten years later a documentary crew visit the island to conduct interviews with the island’s inhabitants to try and work out the truth behind Nessa’s murder.

The book is narrated mainly by Keelin as she tries to come to terms with the events on that devastating night. You also get excerpts of the interviews with the documentary crew which give you more of an insight into the characters.

Will the crew discover what happened that fateful night?

As I said at the start this book has left me with a chilling feeling and I’m not even sure why. I found parts of the book hard to read and although I don’t usually mention content warnings, I would like to say that there is talk of domestic abuse throughout.

The main narrator Keelin may seem weak in some parts of this story, but I would say she is an extremely strong woman.

Whilst reading I was imagining how I would portray the interviews if I was watching the documentary and made me think about how I would usually judge the people discussed even without even giving it a thought. It does make you think, can you really judge someone just by how they are perceived on TV, especially when they can sometimes be biased.

Overall, a chilling but beautifully written book that makes you feel you can’t just judge someone just by what the media is saying.


💜💜💜💜 /5

7 thoughts on “After the Silence – Louise O’Neill

  1. Hmm. This one sounds like it has some great points but could also be a bit dark. I like the idea of the island setting and the documentary film crew arriving 10 years later to did for the truth. Great review and a possible candidate for my TBR.

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    1. I would say it is a bit dark, but not too dark. I think for me personally it was just the talk of domestic abuse that made it dark, even though that isn’t usually a trigger for me.


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