Hoglets’ Christmas Magic – Lynette Creswell

We received an ARC copy of ‘Hoglets’ Christmas Magic’ by Lynette Creswell from White Rabbit Books for our honest review. This book is out today 28.08.21, congratulations to the author and publisher.

Hoglets’ Christmas Magic is a magical picture book following the Hoglets Primrose and Pickles.

It is Christmas Eve, and they are decorating the Christmas tree. They find the star to be broken, so they set off on a brave mission to find a new star.

They meet Santa on their travels, and soon have another exciting quest.

What adventures will they have, and will they find a new star?

🦔J Review:

I loved reading this to my daughter, it is beautifully written and has a lovely storyline. It teaches children the importance of being kind and helpful.

The illustrations are wonderful with rich colours, and cute characters which makes the book even more special. I also adore the background on each page, as it is pretty and eye-catching.

It did take two attempts to read this as the first time my daughter fell asleep. In my experience I find this to mean that it is a really good book, as it means she has relaxed hearing the words I’m reading.

This is the perfect book for bedtime all through the year, as I know my daughter loves hearing Christmas stories all year round.

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

🦔H Review (8 years old):

It was really good, and my favourite part was seeing the Hoglets and Santa.

The pictures were really good and I want to be able to draw them myself.

💙💙💙💙💙 /5

Overall, a 5-star rating from both of us. A magical story that would be perfect to read with the family on Christmas Eve, and all through the year. 🦔💜💙

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