Matilda Windsor is Coming Home – Anne Goodwin

I was lucky to win a signed copy of ‘Matilda Windsor is coming home’ by Anne Goodwin. I won this on twitter from @isabelcostello.

This book is narrated by three points of view:

💜 Janice – a young social worker who wants to use her job to set the world to rights.

💜 Henry – a man nearing sixty years old who has put his life on hold awaiting the return of his sister, who left when he was a young boy.

💜 Matty – a woman in her seventies who loves her recitals but must also put up with the life in Tuke House.

Some of the secrets of the old asylums are revealed and the heart-breaking truth of how some of the patients’ lives were destroyed due to the difference in mental health care in these times.

Will Janice achieve her mission?

Will Henry find his sister?

What will Matty think of all the changes going on around her?

I enjoyed reading this book although the subject matter is really tough and serious, but mental health is an important issue and close to my heart.

This book highlights the changes in mental health care over the years, but also points out the stigma that still is around in society today.

I fell in love with Matty’s character, the more you hear from her the more you want to listen to her story and what she says. Although some of the comments do make you smile.

Overall, an emotional and heart-warming book which delves into the changes of mental health care over the years.


💜💜💜💜 /5

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