Ralph’s Party – Lisa Jewell

I received ‘Ralph’s Party’ by Lisa Jewell as part of my author backlist subscription. This is the first book that Lisa Jewell had published by Penguin books in 1998.

This book is set in London and follows six main characters who live in the same block of flats.

Ralph and Smith live in the basement flat and are soon joined by a new flatmate Jem. Jem has a dream of her destiny which leads her to taking this flat as her new home, and soon Ralph and Smith are both having feelings for her. Who will she feel drawn to?

Upstairs Karl and Siobhan live together and have been a couple for fifteen years. What secrets could be hiding in this happy couple’s lives?

Cheri lives in the top flat, she seems to have a string of boyfriends but what will her part in the story be?

The book leads up to a party that once everyone’s secrets have been exposed leads up to an explosive release of emotions.

Who will Jem end up with and will all the other people living in these flats live happily ever after?

I really enjoyed this book and following the characters through their lives. The book goes through all the main characters point of view at some point.

Although this book was written in the 90s it didn’t feel outdated, it could still be relevant today. There were some parts when describing the technology and the celebrities mentioned which obviously would be from the 90s, but I loved reading these parts as it took me back to my childhood.

Overall, a romantic, emotional but fun read which shows just how good Lisa Jewells books were going to be in the future.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

14 thoughts on “Ralph’s Party – Lisa Jewell

  1. Excellent review Jenny. I had not heard of this one, but will see if I can find the audiobook at my library. I know I have several of her backlist still to read.

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