Nothing Important Happened Today – Will Carver

I received ‘Nothing Important Happened Today’ by Will Carver as part of my Christmas Book Haul. It stood out to me as a book I just had to read. This book was a must read, although I don’t think it was in the way I expected.

Nine strangers gather on Chelsea Bridge, and then at the same time they run and jump to their deaths. All these people lived normal everyday lives, but all had received a pre-written suicide note and a page containing the words ‘Nothing Important Happened Today’.

They are known as The People of Choice and are thought to be a cult, but this is not like any other cult as there is no leader.

This is just the beginning as witnesses to this tragic event and others start to get these notes through their door, leading to more devastating incidents.

Getting out of control with thousands of followers online this ‘cult’ must be stopped, but how when there is no leader?

This book tells many of the characters stories from their own point of view, and this leads to shorter chapters. I did like the short chapters, and I think that added a bit to the suspense of the story and gave more of a chance to get to know the different characters.

This a very dark book and I found it difficult at times to read. I found the scenario very scary as it could very easily be a true story. The fact that these are all normal people makes it even more terrifying as it feels like it could be anyone, including people you know yourself.

Overall, a dark, intense thriller which explores cults in a way I have never seen before.

My Rating:

💜💜💜.5 /5

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