Lucinda Riley – Two Standalone novels

I first started reading Lucinda Riley when my Mum lent me a copy of ‘The Seven Sisters’. Since then, I have been continuing with the Seven Sisters series, but I have also read a couple of her standalone novels too.

I was devastated by the announcement of her death earlier this year, all I can say is that she has left beautiful books behind for us all to read. She had a way of captivating her audience and in the books, I have read using dual timescale narrators to tell the stories

Here are mini reviews for two of Lucinda Riley’s standalone novels have read this year:

The Butterfly Room:

This book is set in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk and the ‘Admiral House’. Posy Montague is still living in her childhood home, even coming up to her Seventieth birthday.

The house is need of repair and Posy knows that soon it will be time to move on from the house and let someone else take over and make it their own. Even through making this tough decision, she also must look out for her family who are having tough times of their own.

Suddenly her one true love that got away, Freddie, turns up and she must learn and come to terms with the devastating family secrets that were withheld from her when she was growing up.

Wow what a book, and I pretty much went through every emotion possible whilst reading. I really enjoyed it and couldn’t stop reading especially towards the end. Another great book from Lucinda Riley.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

The Olive Tree:

Set in the beautiful holiday home ‘Pandora’ in Cyprus, which has been left to Helena in her godfather’s will.

Helena and her family spend the summer in this lovely place, even though she knows there are secrets that this house brings back the memories to her.

Alex, Helena’s son works out that there are secrets to be found and even though he loves his mother wants to work out the truth.

Helena is torn between her family, and the secrets she has hidden. When she meets a man, she had a previous holiday romance with, she knows it is not going to be long before her secrets are revealed.

I loved this book the same as I have the first couple of Seven Sisters books. Lucinda Riley writes in a way that wants you to keep reading to find out what is going to happen next. There is never a dull moment and I love how this book goes from one character point of view to another ones. It did take me a week to read but I was always looking forward to my time in the evening when I could find out more of the story.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

Overall, both of these novels made me go through a variety of emotions whilst also leaving me with an uplifted feeling.

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