Last Girl Ghosted – Lisa Unger

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘Last Girl Ghosted’ by Lisa Unger, through NetGalley from HQ Stories, thank you to the publisher for accepting my request to read.

This book is set in Manhattan and mainly follows Wren Greenwood, an advice columnist publishing under the name ‘Dear Birdie’.

Her friend Jax convinces her to sign up for online dating and after matching with someone arranges to meet them in a public place. His name is Adam Harper and unexpectedly Wren falls for him straight away.

Wren feels completely comfortable with Adam and shares her dark past with him. The next day he completely disappears, no contact and all his social media and dating profiles have disappeared.

Is he ghosting her? Or has something more serious happened to Adam?

Wren goes on a mission to track him down uncovering secrets and dark home truths in both Adams and her own life.

Will she find him? What will she need to work through from her past?

I enjoyed reading this book although I did find it a little slow. It was still intriguing though and had me wanting to know how all the little pieces discovered would fit together at the end.

The story is mainly narrated by Wren going between the present and back to her childhood, but there are times that the other characters have chapters, so you also get to hear their side of the events too.

I liked Wren’s character as she is a strong female character that shows that even with disturbing events in your childhood you can recover, and she becomes a great role model helping others with their own problems.

I also like Bailey Kirk’s character; the private investigator and I would have liked to see more from him in the book. I think he would make a good main character of his own series as he cares so much about his cases.

Overall, a slow but gripping thriller, which brings through the message that whatever you go through only makes you stronger.

My Rating:

💜💜💜.5 /5

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