Weekly Catch Up: 10.10.21

Here is my weekly post each Sunday to catch up from the week before.

I will be sharing what I have been up to, what I have read, am reading and what’s up next along with other weekly catch up news.

What I have been up to this week:

It’s been a really busy week and with heavy rain I had water coming into my dining room, so I have relocated my work from home desk to my daughters room. Everyone at work found that funny when we had our daily hangout meetings. I have a weekend to myself so I am relaxing and hoping to catch up with my reading.

Reading wise, I have completed two books this week. Until Friday I didn’t think I would be able to keep on top of my plan as I couldn’t stay awake in the evenings to read.

I’m attended the #AllAboutAvon showcase this week on 6th October, it was lovely hearing the authors talking about their books to be released next year. It was also great to hear them talking about other book related topics in the Q&A session. 😊

I also attended the Penguin Books showcase on 5th October, which was a very professional video and again some very great releases for 2022.

I hit the 100 posts milestone this week 😊

I can’t believe that a few months ago I would never have even thought this was possible. I am really proud of what I have achieved in the last 3 months and am thankful to everyone who has interacted with me and made this a really exciting new project. I am enjoying every minute and can’t imagine my life without this blog now.

My Reading:

Completed Reading

Currently Reading

No Child of Mine – Olga Gibbs

My review will be posted this week.

Expected publication date 21/10/21

Contacts – Mark Watson

Review to be posted soon.

This was a Berts books subscription book and is available to purchase now.

There is no Death, There are No Dead – Multiple Authors

This is available to purchase now, it is a short story collection. Looks perfect for Halloween month.

Next To Read

Ekleipsis – Tamel Wino

Expected publication date 29/10/21

Review Request from Henry Roi PR

Let me Out I’ve Had Enough – Mark Matthews

This is available to purchase now, it is a short story collection. Looks perfect for Halloween month.

Posts last Week:

πŸ’œ 04.10.21 – TBR: October 2021

πŸ’œ 05.10.21 – Publishing Date: Last Girl Ghosted – Lisa Unger

πŸ’œ 06.10.21 – Review: The Midnight Man – Caroline Mitchell & Cover Reveal: The Lighthouse – Fran Dorricott & Cover Reveal: Meredith, Alone – Claire Alexander

πŸ’œ 07.10.21 – Cover Reveal Tease: The Lucky Diamond – Valinora Troy

πŸ’œ 08.10.21 – Book Post & Other Book News: 08.10.21

πŸ’œ 09.10.21 – Free E-Books: 09.10.21

Planned Posts This Week:

πŸ’œ 11.10.21 – Cover Reveal Tease: The Lucky Diamond – Valinora Troy

πŸ’œ 12.10.21 – Publishing Date: The Genesis Inquiry – Olly Jarvis

πŸ’œ 13.10.21 – Publishing Date: The Midnight Man – Caroline Mitchell

πŸ’œ 14.10.21 – Review: No Child of Mine – Olga Gibbs

πŸ’œ 15.10.21 – Book Post & Other Book News: 15.10.21 & Publishing Date: Petrichor – Melanie Rees

πŸ’œ 16.10.21 – Free E-Books: 16.10.21

Book Totals:

πŸ’œ Paperbacks/Hardbacks on my book shelf = 59

(+2, 1 read & 3 received)

(+2, 1 read & 3 received)

πŸ’œ Other E-books on Kindle = 243

(+31, see Saturday’s & Friday’s post to see what I have added)

I will be comparing this each week, although with my reading slowing down this month I think the figures are likely to go up rather than down πŸ˜‚.

NetGalley catch up:

Here are my totals as of today:

πŸ’œ 20 Books approved

πŸ’œ 7 Books Read

πŸ’œ 7 Reviews posted

Feedback Ratio 35%.

(-9% on ratio, 4 approvals this week)

Looking forward to keeping this post going in the future, and hopefully I can actually stay awake long enough in the evenings this week to get some reading done. I keep saying this every week now πŸ˜‚

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