The Genesis Inquiry – Publishing Date 12.10.21

This is just a short post today to say congratulations to Olly Jarvis & Hobeck Books on the release of ‘The Genesis Inquiry’. I was lucky to be able to read an E-ARC copy received from Hobeck Books. My review will be posted as part of the book tour 16/10/21.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Is there one last undiscovered, great truth?

A moment zero, a place in time that links all cultures and creeds.

A revelation that will unite us all and change the way we see history forever.

Brilliant but burnt-out barrister Ella Blake accepts an apparently simple brief: investigate the mysterious disappearance of an African American polymath from his rooms at Cambridge University. The Inquiry quickly becomes the greatest challenge of her life – solving the mystery of Genesis.

Facing danger at every turn, can Ella find the answers to the riddles and clues left by the missing genius?

Reunited with her estranged daughter, the Inquiry sends them on a quest across the world and through ancient texts.

What is the secret that binds us all?

Who is behind the dark forces that will stop at nothing to prevent the world from knowing the truth?

Goodreads Rating: 4.50

The Book Tour started yesterday, details of the posts each day are on the poster below:

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