No Child of Mine – Olga Gibbs

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘No Child of Mine’ by Olga Gibbs from Book Sirens, after the author requested that I read & give my honest review. This book is a dystopian political thriller, and I found this book amazing. Expected publishing date is 21.10.21.

The book is set in the year 2273 where England is now in the leadership of the Ordained Liberating Party.

The Party has brought the country through many years of hardship and downfall and through that a new state was formed called The Federation Britannia. They have many strict rules which must be adhered to, but it is all for the good of society and for the future generations.

This book follows the family of Tom, Judy, and their daughter Tilly. Tom is a true supporter of the Ordained Liberating Party, and he believes that everything put in place is for the benefit of everyone.

This is until after witnessing a disturbing event at Tilly’s nursery, Tom must decide whether the Party’s directive or his family are more important.

Are the Party to be trusted? What decision will Tom make?

I was a bit unsure of what dystopian meant before reading this book and must admit I had to look up the meaning. After the experience of reading this book though, I will definitely be looking to read more in this genre. I did get a bit daunted by the length of the chapters, but I soon got used to their length and was blown away by this powerful story.

This book was brilliantly written, thought provoking and emotional. I also found it to be quite scary and would find myself getting angry at a political party which doesn’t even exist. Some of the rules and expectations in place are absolutely soul destroying if you were to be living in this world. The fact that power makes a big difference on how individual’s visions and mindsets change over time is mind blowing.

I loved the characters and found the emotional scenes between the family heart breaking. Felix made me laugh and was a character which broke up the tension for a little while.

Overall, a powerful and heart-breaking dystopian political thriller, which is very thought provoking and really makes you think about how a country can be changed so drastically depending on who is in power.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5

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