Book Post and Other Book News: 22.10.21

I have signed up to a few different ARC groups this week and received copies of some of the E-ARCS I’m due to review over November & December. I’ve got a very busy rest of October and November for ARC’s to read. My post of Free E-Books may be posted a little later in the day tomorrow than normal, as I am going to see my friend tonight for a girly catch up. I’m not sure how I will be feeling first thing in the morning. πŸ˜‚

E-Book Purchase:

πŸ’œ The Lady of the Lake – Marc Layton

I bought a, E-Book copy of this from Amazon for Β£2.19.

This book was published yesterday (21.10.21).

I read the first chapter in the author’s newsletter and I really liked the sound of it and wanted to read more.

Review Requests:

πŸ’œ Life, Slightly – Nigel Jay Cooper

Due for release September 2022.

The author posted on twitter offering digital proofs for his upcoming release, I requested a copy 😊

πŸ’œ Running from the Shadows (Book 1) – Faith Blakely

I signed up to Faith Blakely’s ARC Team, so I will be reading & reviewing this as soon as possible.

This book in the series is available to buy now.

Henry Roi PR & Blackthorn Book Tours:

πŸ’œ Chubby’s Tale – The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer by Carola Schmidt

This E-Book was free on Amazon, I was made aware by Henry Roi PR. They have requested a review to be posted after reading.

πŸ’œ Cinema 7 – Michael J Moore

Available to buy now.

I will be posting my review as part of the blog tour 24.01.22.

Hobeck Books Review Copies:

I received two of the E-ARC copies of the books I have signed up to review with Hobeck Books. Thank you for my copies 😊

πŸ’œ Bloodnotes – Lin Le Versha

Expected Publication date – 23/11/21

πŸ’œ Silenced – Jennie Ensor

Expected Publication date – 07/12/21

I will be posting my review as part of the blog tour 14/12/21.

Inkubator Books:

πŸ’œ Target Deck – Cameron Curtis

I have signed up to Inkubator Books Insiders Club, so I will be receiving ARC’s in return for review’s and comments regarding the books before release.

I’m excited to being involved.

Upcoming Blog Tours:

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