The Summer the Air Changed – Padgett Gerler

I received a gifted e-book copy of ‘The Summer the Air Changed’ by Padgett Gerler after requesting a copy through Book Sirens. This is a wonderful and beautiful read.

This book is set in Lovington, North Carolina and follows the friendship between teenagers Bit and Wisteria.

Bit’s best friend leaves town with her family, and Wisteria presents a proposal to Bit that she can take the place as her new best friend. She has a contract ready and has done her research on Bit. Bit accepts and a new friendship is formed.

One day Bug Jeter a resident of the area discovers a rock with the face of Jesus, suddenly Lovington attracts many tourists wanting to look at the spectacle. This also brings wealthy families including a young boy named Palmer Lee Compton.

What follows is a story of friendship, love, jealousy, and mystery when local prized pets start to disappear.

I loved reading this, it felt like a breath of fresh air from what I have been reading lately. The friendship between Bit and Wisteria is beautiful and Wisteria has such a bubbly and lively character which adds humour to the story.

It is heart-breaking as the girls start to grow up through the story and have a taste of what adult life can be like, with working and dealing with love interests and the affect it can have on a friendship.

This story is beautifully written and is a heart-warming story suited to a wide variety of ages.

Overall, a heart-warming story of friendship with a touch of mystery.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

6 thoughts on “The Summer the Air Changed – Padgett Gerler

  1. Wisteria is such a good character name for a story set in the south. And, living in NC means, I always love to see books set here. This sounds like a wonderful emotional tale. Excellent review!

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