Target Deck – Cameron Curtis

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘Target Deck’ by Cameron Curtis from Inkubator books, in return for my honest review and feedback. I must admit this isn’t my usual genre to read, but the book kept me interested and had plenty of action.

This book follows an Ex- Army parachuter, Breed who is approached by Anya Stein who works for the CIA. She asks him to help her with an important assignment.

In 1974, there was a team called the Black Sheep who were sent to China on an urgent mission. Unfortunately, they failed, and fifty years later are living their own lives apart.

Suddenly Crockett, one of this team goes missing and another is found shot dead.  With the help from the CIA, Breed must find the rest of the team and Crockett before anyone else is killed.

Why is anyone interested in the Black Sheep fifty years after their mission? What secrets will be uncovered?

Breed must find out and lead a team on a dangerous and world saving mission.

This is a very intense and action filled book, and even though I am not used to reading military style books I found the terms were all explained so I didn’t get too lost.

There was an unexpected revelation in the middle regarding the assignment, which actually give me a chilling feeling. It also helped me regain interest in the storyline, wanting the mission to succeed. It is quite a current interest theme.

The main character Breed is a cheeky but lovable character, he is determined to succeed, but also will look after his team.

Overall, an action packed, military thriller which in my case left me with a chilling feeling.

My Rating

💜💜💜💜 / 5

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