Netgalley November

I’ve been really excited since I signed up to take part in the NetGalley November challenge. This is a challenge run by @emandherbooks & @tot_and_tales over on twitter and I think they also run it over on instagram too. Thank you for having me along for the ride.

The idea is to read as many books as you can from your NetGalley shelf to increase your percentage stats.

I’m not sure how many I will get through, as I have a lot of ARC’s to read this month, a few are on my TBR already to be read this month but I will have to try and fit the others around as and when.

Here are my starting stats:

And here are is my possible reads for the challenge:

Good luck to all taking part, and I hope you achieve the percentage you are looking for.

I’m hoping to get up to 50% at least so fingers crossed.

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