Dreams Lie Beneath – Rebecca Ross

I received a gifted E-ARC of ‘Dreams Lie Beneath’ by Rebecca Ross from the publisher Harper Collins YA. It isn’t my usual genre, but I really liked the sound of reading about dreams and nightmares.

This book follows Clementine, an apprentice warden who records the nightmares of her father’s duchy Hereswith, in the realm of azenor.

There was a curse cast over the realm of azenor when the duke was killed in the Seren Mountains. Since then, every full moon the residents make sure all their windows and doors are locked, as the nightmares appear on the streets. It is the warden’s job to defeat these nightmares before the sun rises.

Clementine enjoys training with her father, and when that is taken away, she constructs a plan to get revenge whilst still doing the job she loves.

What she doesn’t know is where her plan will take her and where her heart will lie when the chance the curse can be broken arises.

This is not my usual genre as I find that some fantasy books seem to have a lot of names and hard pronouncing towns to remember, but I didn’t find this to be the case for this book. I loved every minute of reading, and I got pulled into the magic and nightmares in Clementine’s world.

Clementine is a very strong young female lead character, she is determined to succeed and works hard to get there. She is relatable in the way she acts and feels throughout the story.

I kept wanting to see what nightmares would come on the next full moon for Clementine to conquer and where the story would take her next.

Overall, a brilliantly written, magical fantasy book, which pulls you into a world of magic & nightmares.

My Rating

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

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