Contacts – Mark Watson

I received a copy of ‘Contacts’ by Mark Watson as part of my fiction subscription from Berts Books. I had this book on my to buy list, so I was happy with the choice.

This book follows James Chiltern, as he decides it has got to a breaking point and he must end his life. At five to midnight, he sends a text to all 158 contacts in his phone. It is a message saying goodbye.

He then turns his phone to airplane mode, and with his final snack of two pork pies, a packet of chocolate digestives and a four pack of beer he sets off on his planned journey.

Whilst James is unaware people from his contacts and others try to get hold of him and to find a way to stop this devastating occurrence.

Will they reach him in time? Who from his contacts will try to help?

Although the topic of this book sounds as if it would be a depressing read, it is really not. There is hope and an uplifting tone to the book which keeps you wanting to read and keeps the emotions going the whole time.

It is a really important topic, especially with the times of lockdown we have had over the last 18 months with Covid. This book relays the message of how important it is to talk to family and friends, if you feel this way and for others to check up on their friends, as they may not always reach out to you.

There were times for humour, even with James himself and you also get to see some of the other characters evaluate their own lives and what needs to change.

Overall, an emotional but uplifting book which leaves you wanting to check up on your friends and talk to the people around you in your life.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

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