Free E-Books (Part 2) – Bookfunnel

I have just come across a couple of Bookfunnel pages where you can download free E-Books if you sign up to their newsletters.

I thought I would post today rather than waiting until next week’s post, as I am never sure how long these are available for.

I have tried to post the link and the books I have chosen to download (hopefully the links work):

Cozy Mysteries:

I found this link in Catherine Coles Newsletter.

A Slay Ride for Santa – Shannon Kaper

Synopsis from Goodreads:

As the small community of Canyon Creek gathers for the annual Christmas parade, there is only one thing missing – Santa.

The citizens of Canyon Creek look forward to the annual Christmas festivities. As anticipation builds with each passing float in the parade, everyone eagerly awaits the first glimpse of Santa. Katy and a small group of volunteers have worked tirelessly to deliver a holiday celebration to the small community, but will it go off without a hitch murder?

Rating Goodreads: 3.33

A Novel Crime – ACF Bookens

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Harvey Beckett discovers a body in a neighborhood garage, she has no idea how much that moment will shift everything in her world.

Not everyone can be grateful for a murder, but Harvey Beckett almost can. With the help of her friends and her own gumption to make some changes in her life, Harvey sleuths out the killer . . . and her own adventure.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, inspiring woman sleuths, and the city of San Francisco, you’ll love A Novel Crime. Enjoy this prequel for the forthcoming St. Marin’s Cozy Mystery series set in a waterside town in Maryland. Available through BookFunnel.

Rating Goodreads: 3.72

Thyme for Murder- Elizabeth Rain

Synopsis from Goodreads:

★Said the spider to the fly, come on in, come on in… Said the fly and to the spider…lying is a sin and your intentions murder…

Something’s rotten in Veil Falls and it’s not the fresh catch of the day.

When the grapes in my brother’s vineyard start to shrivel on the vines and the customers in my sister’s fancy restaurant toss their cookies after eating her famous Chicken Cacciatore, I smell a rat.

It could be the dead hobo we tripped over in the alley.

Someone is stalking the residents of Veil Falls, and they’re using dark magic to do it. With the help of my best friend Restless, it will be up to us to solve a murder investigation before the body count rises and Veil Falls becomes a ghost town.

And now my sister is missing.

The stakes are rising and we’re running out of time as evil closes in for a final bite.

◆◆Pay a visit to the Magical town of Veil Falls and don’t forget to drop into Snips and Snails Café for a warm bowl of beef mulligatawny stew, dished piping hot with a dash of magic and a side of Murder served ice cold. This short read is the prequel to the brand new series, Snips and Snails Cafe Mysteries. The first book in the series, Risky Bisqueness, will be out in December.

Rating Goodreads: 4.14

Murder in White Lace – Karen Sue Walker

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Max Walters is a busy bridal consultant with dreams of being a designer. When her boss goes on vacation, things quickly unravel when one of her brides-to-be collapses in the shop during a fitting and dies at the hospital soon after, apparently poisoned. When her childhood friend is accused of the murder, Max decides to investigate and clear his name. With help from her new assistant, Keiko, and the other colorful residents of Crystal Shores, Max begins to weave together a list of suspects, much to the concern of the handsome Detective Cruz. Will she be able to tie up the loose threads and catch the murderer – or will the murderer get to her first?

Rating Goodreads: 4.17

Cupcakes and Crime – April Browne

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The grand opening of Magnolia Winery is sure to make a splash until the General Manager is found dead in the wine cellar. Sophia Bell, owner of Mama Ginger’s Bakery and a not very skilled kitchen witch, is hired to cater the highly anticipated event.

But the job is no icing on the cake, especially when she winds up as the prime suspect in the murder investigation.

Her mother’s legacy on the line, Sophia launches her own investigation. With the help of her southern assistant, some honesty magic, and two fluffy dogs, Sophia uncovers a secret she never thought possible.

A murderer is living in Gold Valley, and Sophia is next on the list.

Rating Goodreads: 4.03

Body in the Books – Heather Huffman

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Sometimes, owning a bookstore can be murder.

When Nora Jones inherits a dusty old bookshop from her estranged uncle, she moves to St. Augustine to tie up loose ends and maybe learn a bit about the man she never knew.

Only what first appeared to be a heart attack turns out to be murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects. The detective assigned to the case might be handsome and charming, but Nora’s convinced he’s chasing down the wrong lead.

With her newly-inherited Greyhound named Margo and a quirky band of friends in tow, Nora decides to track down the killer. She finds herself in a race to solve the murder before she becomes the next body in the books.

Body in the Books is the first installment of the Nora Jones cozy mystery series. You won’t want to miss this humorous whodunit that’s being likened to Scooby Doo for grownups.

Rating Goodreads: 4.64

Donuts and disaster – Amber Crewes

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Meghan Truman’s relationship with her assistant is severely tested when she becomes prideful over a donut recipe she’s introduced to Truly Sweet’s menu. Matters are further worsened when a distant relative of this assistant, with selfish intentions and bad manners, is found dead in the town center.

The local handyman is arrested and put in jail when several witnesses confirm they saw him having an altercation with the murdered victim. Handsome detective Irvin and Meghan believe he’s innocent but the evidence against him is too damning to overlook.

Will Meghan’s attempt to give her assistant a second chance at restoring their relationship backfire or will a determination not to harbor unforgiveness in her heart lead her to the true murderer?

Rating Goodreads: 4.00

A Missing Rose – Amber Ward

Synopsis from Goodreads:

As a PI I always solve my cases, but being back in my hometown is turning me into a disaster who plows into pink unicorns.

Running down the beloved sculpture wasn’t the only surprising thing about my visit. I didn’t think Perry Kansas was big enough for anyone to go missing. But here I am, looking for a missing person, in a town that hates my guts.

Suddenly, I’m being dragged from my bed, falling into a handsome stranger’s big arms, and getting hit with a book concealing a mysterious letter.

Being back home also means a visit to my family’s archery shop. My uncle wants me to come back and take it over, but my aim in this case is way off.

The clues are elusive. And the suspect is the unlikeliest candidate I never wanted to catch.

Rating Goodreads: N/A (No ratings yet)


I found this link in Enni Amanda’s Newsletter.

Like It’s 1999 – Karen Grey

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Love ’em and Leave ’em Alice Kim and “Hot” Steve Lowell are perfect for each other. It’ll only take them ten years to figure that out.

Just because they throw the most bodacious wedding party ever…
Just because they’re perfect partners in pranks…
Just because they love all the same boss movies…
Just because they share one totally bangin’ night of sex together…

Does not mean they’ll break the One Time Rule.
Even if they do… they don’t do relationships.
And they’re never getting married.
Like, ever.

In this friends-to-lovers, marriage-pact novella spanning the last decade of the 20th century, life forces a playboy and a playgirl grow up—and grow apart—before giving them a chance to create a happy-ever-after they can actually be happy about.

Rating Goodreads: 4.36

A Long, Cool Rain – Linda Seed

Synopsis from Goodreads:

He’s uncovered a long-held family secret. She’s shocked to learn the truth—and to find out she’s caught in the middle between love and loyalty …

Colin Delaney’s wealthy family has been a Central Coast fixture for generations. The family is rocked by the sudden death of Redmond Delaney, Colin’s uncle and a major shareholder in the family fortune.

Julia McCray knows that her brother, Drew, has been hiding something—something that’s been tearing him apart. The day Colin turns up on Julia’s doorstep, he reveals a secret that will throw both her family and his into turmoil.

When Julia’s loyalty to her brother conflicts with her growing feelings for Colin, she must choose between love and family. Either way, her world will never be the same.

Rating Goodreads: 4.13

Unsound – Ash Finley

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Sometimes it’s the family you can’t choose who are the ones to save you.

un·sound /ˌənˈsound/ adjective not safe or robust; in poor condition. not based on sound evidence or reasoning and therefore unreliable or unacceptable not competent, reliable, or holding acceptable views.

As I watched the rich Washington landscape of mountains and thick green forests, I didn’t know what to expect. Granted, I was watching it from the back of a squad car, so it’s not like I had a choice in the matter.

High school is hard enough—dealing with hormones, grades, the pressure of college, social media, prom, sex ed… the list can go on forever. I wished for that kind of normalcy. Instead, I was being shipped way up to the middle of nowhere woods of Washington state—a serene community of cozy cabins, the smell of burning firewood… and enough troubled, drug-addicted, almost-criminal teens to make me wonder if this was a better option than juvie.

Little did I know that these drug-addled, societal misfits were exactly what I needed to become myself again.

Rating Goodreads: 4.17

Christmas in July – Gabby Reed

Synopsis from Goodreads:

As two bakers intent on winning the Chrsitmas in July baking competition, they began as enemies.

When they were unexpectedly paired together in the competition’s second round, they slowly became friends.

But they can’t afford to fall in love.

Rating Goodreads: 4.00

Hope you find something you like 😊

*As always with my posts, the pictures and synopsis are sourced from Goodreads unless otherwise stated. I don’t receive anything in return other than the free books by signing up to the author’s newsletters.

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    1. There are lots to choose from & they seem to add to them quite regularly 😊 it’s a great place to find new authors as they are usually promoting prequel novellas or the first in a series 💕


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