Blog Tour Teaser: The Numbers Game – Miles Watson

I’m looking forward to posting my Blog Tour Review for The Numbers Game 14.11.21, I just thought I would post a little tease.

Thank you to Blackcoffee Book Tours for my spot on the tour.

Here is a little bit about The Numbers Game:

Book Information

About The Numbers Game

The Battle of Britain rages. London is in flames, and civilization itself totters on the brink. Does Pilot Officer Maurice Mickelwhite care? Not one damn. He may be one of the better fighter pilots in the Royal Air Force, but it’s not by choice. Maurice is a mathematical genius, who, if not for Hitler, would be happily teaching algebra and calculus at university. To hell with the war! Maurice just wants his numbers. Trouble is…the numbers also want him.

Praise for The Numbers Game


Miles Watson’s work, “The Numbers Game” is an outstanding novella. .. The main character, Maurice is serving his country and thrown into combat during the Blitz of the Battle of Britain. Maurice is a quiet guy, a competent pilot, but a numbers guy to the bone. Each time he goes up, he cannot help but calculate the odds of his survival…. Watson does a magnificent job of putting the reader in the cockpit. You feel the cold temperature, you smell the oil, gasoline, and gun powder, and you feel the fear these pilots felt tackling insurmountable odds. It’s a story of duty, courage, honor, and of course…the numbers. A must read. – Amazon Review


Watson hits one out of the park here. A short story that you don’t want to end. His explicit detail takes you right on the wings of some of the Royal Air Force’s toughest fighter jets. It’s a helpless feeling witnessing the grind that these men went through day in and day out and Maurice, the main character is there to coach you through some harrowing sorties… The numbers aspect only adds tension to the otherwise white knuckle ride you’ll be on. Glad I purchased. – Amazon Review

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