Running from the Shadows (Book 4) – Faith Blakely

I received a gifted E-Book copy of ‘Running from the Shadows (Book 4)’ by Faith Blakely from Faith Blakely’s ARC group which I am signed up to. This book is the fourth in the series and I would encourage you to read the books in order as they lead straight on from the next.

My review for the first three books can be found here, here & here.

This book follows Nina Simmons, who has been on the run from her abusive ex-husband for the last three years.

Every time she feels he may be catching up with her, she must change her appearance, identity, and location.

In this book of the series Nina gets to spend some time with the Owens family and spend some time in the local community.

Cole is still on her thoughts constantly; will she give into her anxieties to finally be happy?

I loved seeing the relationship between Nina and the Owens family grow, it is lovely to see a family welcome her into their family like that.

I also am still loving Cole’s character, and I am really hoping that Nina has found her place to be happy at last.

This book does finish on a cliff hanger though, and I am desperate to find out what happens next. I think there is only one more book in the series at the moment, so I am keen to find out if this is the end or if it will continue further.

Overall, an emotional and lovely book in the series showing the kindness of the Owen’s family.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5

9 thoughts on “Running from the Shadows (Book 4) – Faith Blakely

  1. Wonderful review Jenny. I just looked and the whole series is available on KU, so I will add it to my TBR. It is showing 5 books, so that might tie it up. I am not big on ending with a cliffhanger, so will be able to read them one after another. It sounds like a wonderful, uplifting series.

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