Two Turtle Doves – Richard Wall

I received a gifted E-Book copy of ‘Two Turtle Doves’ by Richard Wall from Henry Roi PR in return for my honest review.

This short story follows Rich Anthony and starts when he is a teenager with suicidal thoughts.

He finds an abandoned guitar which changes his plans and sets him on a new path.

Where will his new direction in life to play music take him? How will it change his life?

This short story is very powerful and the authors straight to the point style of writing adds to the shock of the storyline.

This story definitely has a punch to it, and it certainly is not the kind of storyline I was expecting.

It is devastating to see how the character’s life changes throughout the book, and it is emotional to hear the characters thoughts.

Overall, a powerful and emotional short story.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

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