The Arctic Curry Club – Dani Redd

I received a Proof copy of ‘The Arctic Curry Club’ by Dani Redd from the publisher Avon Books UK, as part of a pre showcase package I received. Thank you to the publisher for my copy. The expected publishing date is 09.12.21. I loved this book, and I will be looking out for any future releases from this author.

This book is narrated by Maya, as she moves to the Arctic with her boyfriend after he gets a research opportunity to study the polar bears.

Maya has anxiety so settling down is hard for her to do, especially as she is so far from home. She has spent her life trying to find herself and a place to truly call home. When she starts a job as a chef it looks like she may have finally found a way of coping and making friends.

During a trip to India to see family, she is passed a recipe book of her late mother’s. It includes many Indian recipes which she is keen to try out for herself. Suddenly she starts to remember events and memories from the past involving her mother.

What will she remember, and how will she feel when she does?

What follows is a heart-warming and emotional story of family, love and finding a place to call home.

I loved reading this book, it was quite emotional for me as I related to Maya’s character in many ways. The way she talks about her anxiety had me laughing and sometimes nearly crying as I related it to the way in which my anxiety presents itself. The author does show how mental illness is very important, but also shows that you can still have a wonderful life and find a place to feel at home.

I liked how Maya’s character develops as she grows stronger and finds out more about her past. Memories that have been pushed away, to help her cope when she was a young child coming back a bit at a time.

The author uses her experiences of travel and her studies to bring the Arctic & Bangalore to life, and the food that Maya cooks all sounds delicious.

I could go on and on about different parts of this book, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

Overall, a heart-warming and emotional story showing the importance of mental health and the family and friends around you.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

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