And the Little One Said – Elizabeth Coffey

I bought an E-Book copy of ‘And the Little One Said’ by Elizabeth Coffey after hearing about it a lot on Facebook.

This book is a very emotional read, it is a true story and tells the life of the author and her family.

Elizabeth talks about her whole family including her own children, sisters, brothers and Mum and Dad.

It takes you through the rollercoaster of her life and all the heartache, tragedies and some of the moments which made them laugh as a family.

The struggles of mental health are also talked about, and the importance of having your family around you in the bad times.

I fell in love with Elizabeth and her family the more I read. There is a time when she says she felt ‘Tickety-boo’ only for then another devastating event to occur. I related to this, as life does seem to have its way of throwing bad things at you just as you feel you are starting to turn a corner and feel yourself again.

I must say thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her life with us, you are so brave for doing this as I know that at times it must have been hard to write and would have brought up a lot of feelings. I know when I was reading, I kept remembering the times of heartache I have had in my own life, especially when visiting the hospital when loved ones are close to dying.

This is a very short review, only because I don’t want to go into too much detail. I feel it is the kind of book you can only experience the emotion by reading yourself.

Overall, an emotional and heart-breaking true story that will make you want to keep your own family close.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

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