Book Post and Other Book News: 17.12.21

I have had two NetGalley approvals this week, I am still trying to be careful but I couldn’t resist these two. I have bought a few e-books for 99p, and have received my Secret Santa book from Berts Books. Last night I also received a blog tour invite which I have signed up for in April. I have a very busy January and February so I am going to try and be careful what I add to my TBR, as I wouldn’t want to let anyone down by not getting to read in time.

E-Book Purchases:

Echoes of Home – M.L. Rayner

The Hiding Place – Helen Phifer

What Happened to Rachel – Conrad Jones

I Know What You’ve Done – Dorothy Koomson

The New Friends – Daniel Hurst

The New Neighbour – Miranda Rijks

When the Stars go Dark – Paula Mclain

Call Me Mummy – Tina Baker

The Nurse – J.A. Corrigan

NetGalley Approval:

πŸ’œ The Woman At No.13 – C.K Williams

Publisher: One More Chapter

Expected Publication Date: Available to buy now (was previously called Local Whispers)

πŸ’œ The Twins – L.V. Matthews

Publisher: Welbeck Publishing UK

Expected Publication Date: 17/02/22

Berts Books:

πŸ’œ I received my secret Santa book from Berts Books.

I can’t wait to open on Christmas day 😊

Review Request:

πŸ’œ Logistics – Chris Coppel

I received a review copy last night for the book tour with Black Coffee Book Tours

Upcoming Blog Tours:

πŸ’œ Blackthorn Book Tours (21.01.22 – 24.01.22): Cinema 7 – Michael J Moore (My review will be posted 24.01.22)

πŸ’œ Penguin Random House: The Long Weekend – Gilly Macmillan (My review will be posted 05.02.22)

5 thoughts on “Book Post and Other Book News: 17.12.21

  1. I loved When the Stars Go Dark. I almost didn’t recognize it because the US and UK covers are very different. Hope you enjoy it and all those other wonderful looking books 😍 Happy reading!

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    1. Thank you 😊 it can get confusing sometimes, I saw a book the other day & it has a different name in the US. I was panicking because in the UK it comes out in Jan so I was worried my review would have the wrong book title 🀣

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