Her Perfect Twin – Sarah Bonner

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘Her Perfect Twin’ by Sarah Bonner through NetGalley from Hodder & Stoughton, in return for my honest review. This is an amazing debut book from Sarah Bonner, looking forward to reading more from this author in the future.

This book follows Megan who is stuck in a cheating and abusive relationship. Her Husband is not only cheating on her, but with her twin sister Leah.

Megan confronts her twin, but the argument turns into murder.

She starts to live as both Megan and Leah, until she can work out what to do next.

Then lockdown hits, how can she continue being both twins?

How will she survive lockdown with her husband?

This book is amazing, it is intense, emotional and has a strong female lead character.

The characters are believable and the way the author writes from the different characters points of view delves into their personalities even more.

There were times I was on the edge of my seat, others where I was angry and upset. (With the characters, not the book).

You never know where the storyline is going to take you next and there are plenty of shocks along the way.

Overall, an intense and emotional thriller with shocking revelations and secrets.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5

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