Book Post and Other Book News: 14.01.22

I am trying to be careful not to overload myself with too many book tours, as I have so many books to read already over January and February. I have signed up to a few book tour companies though, so I will be tempted as there are so many invite emails coming through every day.

This week I received a review request, was approved for 2 ARCS for later this year on Book Sirens, received by Berts Books subscription and bought a few 99p e-books.

E-Book Purchases:

Perfect Kill – Helen Fields

Perfect Silence – Helen Fields

All My Lies – Sophie Flynn

The Family Across the Street – Nicole Trope

Berts Books:

I received my Berts Books Subscription this week, I do have two of these on E-Book already but it will be lovely to be able to read them on paperback. They were great choices 😊

Included was:

πŸ’œ The Sanatorium – Sarah Pearse

πŸ’œ The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot – Marianne Cronin

πŸ’œ I know what you’ve done – Dorothy Koomson

πŸ’œStuntbox: In the Meantime – Jason Reynolds (My daughters subscription)

Review Request:

Book Sirens:

I requested two ARC’s from Book Siren’s and have the following now to review.

πŸ’œ Ice Out – Susan Speranza

Publishing Date: 24.05.22

πŸ’œ Scarecrow Has A Gun – Michael Paul Kowzlowsky

Publishing Date: 02.08.22

Jamie Millen:

πŸ’œ You Made Me – Jamie Millen

This is the next in the series after You Did This which was published Monday this week.

This next book is due to be published 07.02.22 & I have received an E-ARC copy this week to review before this date.

Upcoming Blog Tours:

πŸ’œ Penguin Random House: The Long Weekend – Gilly Macmillan (My review will be posted 05.02.22)

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