Free E-Books: 15.01.22

This is my weekly post of Free E-Books I have found throughout the week 😊.

I usually find out about these E-Books through social media, through emails I receive from Hello Books and authors newsletters.

In this weekly post, I would like to mention the books I have found and downloaded, so that others may have a chance to be introduced to new authors and the books are promoted before I get a around to reading them.

Hello Books – Amazon:

These books were sourced through emails I received by Hello Books and were purchased for free on Amazon. There are a number of genres to choose through this email service, and I pick the ones which sound like the type of books I would like to read. Please note these were free at the time of this posting on 15.01.22 and in the UK region.

Temp-ing Fate – Mikaela Snowe

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Fake doctorate. Fake boyfriend. Fake identity. Here’s one temp job that’s tempting fate for sure.

Tulip is a professional temp, but she’s about to face the most daunting temp job of her career: She’s got to pull off being her genius identical twin sister Diana for a day. But Tulip can do that. She’s done it loads of times. So what if she has to schmooze with a bunch of psychology professors at an elite summer program on Oahu? Pffft. Please. It’s not like Tulip will have to teach, for Pete’s sake.

Only, well, it’s not really working out so hot. When someone falls ill, everyone turns to “Diana” to save the day. Suddenly, Tulip discovers the burden of this full-time commitment normal people call their “workday.”

If Tulip fails, it’s not just her own reputation that’s at stake. Her sister’s very job now hangs in the balance.

Oh, and what about that fake boyfriend? He’s tall. He’s chiseled. He’s got great – doesn’t matter. Because we already told you, he’s her fake boyfriend. (Keep up!) And he could never fall for a dropout like Tulip.

Will Tulip’s latest temp job be her undoing? Or will she discover that she’s a smarter cookie than she ever gave herself credit for?

Goodreads Rating: 4.33

The Side Hustle – Colin Conway

Genre: Crime/Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Jacob Kidwell, a young man seemingly on the rise, is found dead at the bottom of his stairs. There is strange, unexplained bruising which doesn’t coincide with his fall.

Could his death simply have been an accident or was it something more sinister?

That is the question that Major Crimes Detectives Quinn Delaney and Marci Burkett must answer. While they search for the truth, someone else is also determined to uncover what really happened to Kidwell. He’s sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and it’s getting noticed by the wrong people and causing problems for Delaney and Burkett.

Secrets, lies, and double crosses are exposed as the detectives work to discover the truth about Jacob Kidwell’s life. All the while, Quinn Delaney struggles to hide his own secret that threatens to derail the investigation and potentially his career.

Goodreads Rating: 4.25

Social Media finds:

When scrolling through Facebook & Twitter sometimes I find out about free E-books available. Sometimes these are through Amazon other times they are through newsletter sign ups. Please note again these were available free at the time I obtained them, they may not be free now.

Dreams for Stones – Ann Warner

Source: Book Cave Email Newsletter – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A man holding fast to grief and a woman who lets go of love too easily. It will take all the magic of old diaries and a children’s story to heal these two. Caught in grief and guilt over his wife’s death, English professor Alan Francini is determined never to feel that much pain again. He avoids new relationships and keeps even his best friend at arms’ length. His major solace is his family’s ranch south of Denver. Children’s book editor Kathy Jamison has learned through a lifetime of separations and a broken engagement that letting go is easier than hanging on. Then she meets Alan, and for once, begins to believe a lasting relationship is possible. But Alan panics and pushes her away into the arms of his best friend. Now the emotions of three people are at stake as they struggle to find a way to transform their broken dreams into a foundation for a more hopeful future.

Goodreads Rating: 4.34

Kiss at Midnight – Rachel Branton

(Currently £3.49 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Source: Book Cave Email Newsletter – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Hailey Waters steps off a bus with no memory of why she came to Forgotten or what she’s running from. And maybe it doesn’t matter. She’s determined to make a new life in this small town where strangers are friendly and helpful—especially veterinarian Dylan Morgan. But Dylan keeps prying for answers she doesn’t have. He’s a hero, always saving animals and people, and maybe she doesn’t need one of those right now. He’s more likely to break her heart than to solve the riddle of her past.

Dylan has returned to the small town he never should have left. He’s tired of women with secrets, the kind of women who always leave. When he finds Hailey in his friend’s barn, his training makes him uniquely qualified to be what she needs most—if he can keep the way he’s beginning to feel about her out of it. Because more and more he’s sure her secrets will tear him apart. But he can’t walk away or let her go. So maybe it’s time to take matters—and love—into his own hands.

Welcome to the small town of Forgotten, where people are more concerned about who you are now than what you might have left behind. Each of the novels in this series are stand-alone books, and you can read them in any order. However, the characters are like one big, extended family and often appear in many of the books, so by reading all of them, you can catch up with what your favorite characters are doing now.

Goodreads Rating: 4.32

Don’t Tell A Soul – Jay Stringer

(Currently £2.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Source: Twitter Author Post – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Psychological Thriller/Mystery

Synopsis from Amazon:

Louisa Mantalos doesn’t feel capable of murder. But her husband, indie rock star Dave Ash, has been missing for six months. Everyone in New York assumes she killed him. A popular true crime podcast is covering the case, and asking intrusive questions about Louisa’s criminal past. Louisa has a medical condition affecting her memory, and doesn’t recall what happened the night Dave vanished.

Running out of options, she turns to Constantin McGarry, an unlicensed private eye from across the river in Queens. Con has his own demons, serving time for armed robbery. But he’s out now and trying to put things straight. He helps people, for fifty dollars an hour, but searching for a missing celebrity is the biggest job he’s ever taken on.

It doesn’t take him long to realise Louisa’s story doesn’t add up. 

But is she lying, or does she really not remember? 

Amazon Rating: 4.20

The Answer To His Prayers – Ellen Kirschman

Source: Book Cave Email Newsletter – Amazon Purchase

Genre: Mystery

Synopsis from Amazon:


A down-and-out, wheelchair-bound lonely man calls 911 from a trailer that’s just burst into flames. The tragic fire claims the man’s life. It seems like an accident until the cops find a few arguments against that theory. And another puzzler — the dispatcher seems to be keeping some dangerous secrets…

Police psychologist Dot Meyerhoff, on call to counsel police station employees, soon finds herself trying to help the traumatized dispatcher. But as the action-packed investigation accelerates, Dot can’t help but get drawn into an ever-expanding series of crimes seemingly orchestrated by the scariest prison mastermind this side of Hannibal Lecter.

As Dot helps track down the possible arsonist, she proves herself a sensitive yet doggedly persistent sleuth — even when ordered to mind her own business. The gripping case drags her through the seedy underbelly of her small town, and finally to the local prison. During a couple of risky trips to the lockup, she becomes reacquainted with the imprisoned puppetmaster, who also happens — coincidentally? — to be a menacing old friend…

Colleagues and friends keep warning her away from the ruthless and powerful criminal, which is excellent advice, right? If only good advice were easy to take…

Goodreads Rating: 4.38

Kind of Book – Amazon

I have found another new notification site for free e-books, which you then purchase through Amazon. The site is Kind of Book, the link is for the UK site but they also have a site for the US and DE too which you can access from this link. Once again these were free when I purchased but they may not be now. I receive daily emails with deals, this is what I have found so far that have taken my interest:

If She Dies – Erik Therme

(Currently £0.77 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Nine months ago, Tess’s five-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident. The driver, Brady Becker, was sentenced to two years in prison. It didn’t make Tess’s pain go away.

Brady also has a daughter: A twelve-year-old named Eve who walks to Chandler Middle School every day. Tess knows this because she’s been watching Eve for the last few weeks. It isn’t fair that Brady’s daughter gets to live, while Tess’s daughter does not.

When Eve goes missing, all eyes turn to Tess, who doesn’t have an alibi. But Tess isn’t guilty.

Or so she believes.

Goodreads Rating: 3.82

The Sister Wife’s Secret – Anya Mora

(Currently £2.11 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

I’m a cult survivor and a single mother.
At thirty, I’m trying to piece my life together.
Now that I’m finally settled in a place of my own, with my two youngest children, I’m determined to make a life for myself. I’ve even started my own home business.
Things are looking up … until I find my friend murdered.
I know my ex-husband did this to get back at me. He’s been looking for me since I fled Garden Temple.
He wants control — over me and our children.
For the last year I’ve been acting the part of a suburban mom, hiding from my past. But it’s catching up to me.
I have no choice.
I was the sweet sister wife long enough. Now it’s time to be the woman who fights back.

Goodreads Rating: 4.08

French Vanilla & Felonies- Erin Huss

(Currently £3.75 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Cambria Clyne—klutzy, twenty-something single mom—takes the job of an apartment manager at an LA complex, she hopes her run of bad luck is finally coming to an end. She’s got a nice home for her daughter, a steady source of income, and the cute maintenance guy is certainly a nice perk! But her luck takes a bad turn again when a dead body turns up, a crime spree takes over the community, and Cambria finds her complex squarely at the center of it all!

With her dream job suddenly on the line, Cambria dons her detective hat to get to the truth—after all, she’s watched enough crime shows on TV to know how to catch a perp! Or so she hopes as she wades through a streaker in apartment 40, an ex-con with a shady agenda, an overly frisky retired couple, and the suspiciously sneaky dealings of the dentist in apartment 36. But will Cambria be able to catch a killer… or will she get caught up in his game and lose it all?

Goodreads Rating: 3.96

The Mystery of the Haunted House – Willow Night

(Currently £2.03 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Children’s Fiction (Ages 6-10)

Synopsis from Amazon:

Beware the Haunted House on Sycamore Street!

Noah just wants some peace and quiet to finish his homework. But his little brother Josh can’t stop talking about the Haunted House. When they go to check it out, the brothers find out they are not the only kids on the case.

Olivia is new in town. But she already has a high tech plan to spy on the Haunted House. The three kids join forces to find out the truth. But when Josh goes missing, Noah and Olivia have to decide which is worse- the risk of the Haunted House, or the risk of losing Josh!

Goodreads Rating: 4.18

Risky Bisqueness – Elizabeth Rain

(Currently £2.20 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Said the spider to the fly, “Come on in, come on in.” Said the fly and to the spider, “Lying is a sin and your intentions murder…”

Getting older shouldn’t be a long downhill slide into obscurity. It should be the other half~The Best Half…

That’s what Julienne Mason told herself as she stared at herself in the mirror the morning after her 40th birthday…


Julienne Mason’s Ego has taken a Beating. In the space of a day, she nearly burnt down the pizza parlor, lost her job, and walked in on her cheating rat of a husband.

To top it all off? She’s 40 and no one has noticed.

With nothing to show for a lifetime of chasing the Joneses and trying to conform to everyone else’s expectations but her own…Juli is more than ready for a change of lifestyle. But nobody ever told her that answering the summons to a strange letter would turn her entire life on a dime, and challenge every notion she’s ever had on what normal is…

Add in a Strange Inheritence, an Overbearing Ghost, A Snobbish Talking Cat, and a Sentient Recipe Grimoire; Sprinkle Liberally with Magic…

And Maybe even Misfits like her deserve a second chance to get things right…

But first she’ll need to solve her Uncle’s Murder and learn to Embrace her inner Witchiness…before she runs out of time and the killer Strikes Again… 

Goodreads Rating: 4.33

The Nurse Whisperer – Jen Purcell

Genre: Horror

Synopsis from Goodreads:

After suffering an allergic reaction at work, an RN wakes up and discovers that she is actually dead and trapped in the emergency department. She has a new job. To be that little voice of reason nurses refer to as their intuition, or sixth sense, a supernatural phenomenon that keeps medical personnel from screwing up.
She is the Nurse Whisperer…

Goodreads Rating: 4.08

Silent Fear – Lance & James Morcan

(Currently £1.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Thriller/Mystery/Horror

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When you can’t hear…death comes silently. 
Scotland Yard detective Valerie Crowther is assigned to investigate the murder of a student at a university for the Deaf in London, England. The murder investigation coincides with a deadly flu virus outbreak, resulting in the university being quarantined from the outside world. When more Deaf students are murdered, it becomes clear there is a serial killer operating within the sealed-off university. A chilling cat-and-mouse game evolves as the unknown killer targets Valerie and the virus claims more lives. A stunning, claustrophobic, “whodunit” murder mystery, Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes) is the eighth novel by father-and-son writing team Lance & James Morcan. Included is a commentary by Deaf filmmaker Brent Macpherson on the unique aspects of Deaf culture the story covers. Together, the Morcans and Macpherson are currently developing a feature film adaptation of Silent Fear.  

Goodreads Rating: 4.17

Rory: Quest for the Northern Lights – Sarah Cullen & Carmen Ellis

(Currently £2.99 to buy or free on Kindle Unlimited)

Genre: Children’s Picture Book (Ages 3-8)

Synopsis from Amazon:

This little orca follows his big dream of seeing the Northern Lights. Who will he meet along the way?

Rory the Orca heard that there are beautiful lights in the sky called the Northern Lights. His friends and family don’t believe they exist because none of them have seen it with their own eyes. Determined to prove them wrong, Rory sets off on his own to make his wishes come true.

As he travels north, he meets some unlikely friends along the way. A beautiful beluga, a sleepy polar bear and a dancing fox. This journey brings Rory the unexpected gift of true friendship.

Will Rory’s dream of witnessing the magical Northern Lights come true?

Rory the Orca is a heartwarming children’s book written in rhyme. If you or your child enjoy gorgeous animals, ocean adventures and stories about chasing your dreams, then you’ll love Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis’s tale of hope.

Goodreads Rating: 4.72

Message in the Bones – Dawn Merriman

Genre: Mystery/Paranormal

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Long-buried bones, psychic visions, a tattoo with messages from above, and a clown-masked murderer chasing through a corn maze. Will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word!
Freak is a nasty word, but many people in this small town have no trouble calling me a freak, or worse. It’s not my fault I awoke with the ability to “sense” things after I was nearly killed and my father was murdered. Touching certain items often gives me visions, sometimes horrifying ones. Most people here are afraid of that kind of thing.
Especially my brother, Dustin. As head detective of the River Bend police department, he’d rather pretend I don’t exist than believe in my gift. The long-buried bones of a murder victim force him to ask me for help. I should have know better. I should have stayed comfortable and safe hiding from the world.
No one believes me anyway. Only one man believes the messages I got from the bones. The killer. And now he hunts me.

Goodreads Rating: 4.42

Murder on the Hill – Kennedy Chase

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Look out London, there’s a new investigator in town! Harley Hill is a twenty-five year old woman in need of a new identity. Until now she’s been know as many things: Thief, Bandit, The girl dressed like a ninja…

When she’s offered an investigative position at the Silvers Finders Agency, she decides it’s time to go straight. But when a jewelry store break-in she’s investigating turns into a murder case, Harley will need all her skills to find the killer and avoid the attentions of a Russian crime boss.

With the help of her new friends, and some from her underworld past, Harley faces a race against the clock. She’ll need to uncover the secret behind the artifact left at the jewelry store if she’s to catch the murderer. If she fails, it won’t just be the job she loses — but her life.

Goodreads Rating: 3.84

I hope you find something that takes your fancy 😊

I only download books that I like the look of the synopsis, and once I have cleared down some of the NetGalley books I am going to be adding 1 or 2 of my E-Books to my TBR each month.

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