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The Lighthouse – Fran Dorricott

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘The Lighthouse’ by Fran Dorricott through NetGalley when the publisher Avon Books UK approved my request. I took part in the cover reveal for this book, so I was really keen to read. The expected Publishing date is 03.02.22.

This book follows a group of friends as they are going on a weekend away to catch up on the island of Ora, where there is a converted lighthouse.

On the journey ghost stories were told, which had some of the friends spooked right from the start.

Then on the first night one of them goes missing and although he is found, seems to be acting strangely. Personal belongings keep going missing, so the group start to wonder whether there is something paranormal on the island.

The tension builds causing them to air their differences, whilst they are trying to unravel the secrets of the island.

Is the island haunted? Will they survive the weekend?

I enjoyed reading this book and I liked that it was told by three points of view. The characters chosen gave you an insight into most of the groupings within the friends, so it was a varied point of view.

There was plenty of mystery throughout and was very eerie as the group of friends suspect the island is haunted.

I don’t think I really related to any of the characters but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy following their story and discovering their secret and the islands.

Overall, an eerie and tense thriller where a group of friends must unravel the mystery behind the island of Ora.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5


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