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Big Sky Mountain – Alex Milway

I received a gifted copy of ‘Big Sky Mountain’ by Alex Milway from the publisher Bonnier Books, Piccadilly Press. This is available to purchase now along with book 2 in the series which I will also be reviewing later in the week as part of the blog tour.

This book follows Rosa as she moves in with her Grandma Nan, but this isn’t any ordinary place this is a cabin in Big Sky Mountain where there are no people around for miles.

Rosa spots someone parachuting onto the mountains and Grandma Nan insists they find out what or who it is.

This starts their amazing adventure, meeting other inhabitants of the area along their way.

When trouble brews, how will Rosa and Grandma Nan manage to solve the problem?

I loved reading this with my daughter as it had so much adventure, and there were many laughs along the way.

The book has a magical feel with all the animals they meet speaking as if they were humans, and all having their own personalities.

There were also a couple of important themes for kids, as the characters discover the need to think about others and being helpful to those in need.

I can’t wait to start reading Rosa and Grandma Nan’s next adventure with the Forest Wolves.

Overall, a magical and adventurous book which takes you on a journey around Big Sky Mountain.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5

My Daughters Review (Age 8):

It blew my mind and it amazed me, I wanted Mummy to keep reading.

My Daughters Rating:

💜💜💜💜💜 /5


8 thoughts on “Big Sky Mountain – Alex Milway

  1. I love that your daughter also reviewed the book. I think that it’s a much more authentic review when you get the target audience’s input! Well done, and please let your daughter know that I enjoyed her review!

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