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The Dictators Wife – Freya Berry

I received a proof copy of ‘The Dictators Wife’ by Freya Berry from the publisher Headline Books. The expected Publishing date is 17.02.22.

Marija Popa is the widowed wife of a Dictator in Yanussia and now she stands trial for her husband’s crimes.

Laura Lăzărescu is a junior lawyer and due to her birth nationality gets the chance to work on the case of a lifetime. She will be helping defend Marija Popa in her trial, but she also has her own mission to uncover the mystery behind her past.

The more time Laura spends with Marija the more confused she gets, as she discovers other sides to the Dictator’s Wife.

Laura finds that Marija may have the answers she is looking for and gets pulled into the mystery behind Marija.

Is Marija who she seems? Will Laura find out the secrets of her past?

This book was not what I was expecting, as due to the title I thought it would be all politics and be a bit boring. I was completely wrong, as I was pulled into the lives of Laura and Marija.

The story is told from Laura’s point of view throughout, and I felt like I was reading about a true-life case.

Marija is a complicated woman and has many sides. She is used to getting what she wants and thrives in the power she has had for many years. She is a strong character and one that you kind of admire but loath at the same time.

Laura is a lovable character, as she just wants to know why she doesn’t feel she fits in, even in her own family. I really felt for her as she went on her journey of discovery.

Overall, an engaging and emotional story, revealing the power and strength of the Dictator’s Wife.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5


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