Blog Tour Review: The Ghosts of Thorwald Place – Helen Power

Today is my spot on the blog tour for ‘The Ghosts of Thorwald Place’ by Helen Power. Thank you to Blackthorn Book Tours for my spot on the tour and the E-ARC I received to review.

About the Author:

Author Bio –

Helen Power is an academic librarian living in Saskatoon, Canada. In her spare time, she haunts deserted cemeteries, loses her heart to dashing thieves, and cracks tough cases, all from the comfort of her writing nook. She has several short story publications, including ones in Suspense Magazine, Hinnom Magazine, and Dark Helix Press’s Canada 150 anthology, “Futuristic Canada”. Her stories range from comedy to horror, with just a hint of dystopia in between. The Ghosts of Thorwald Place is her first novel.

About The Ghosts of Thorwald Place

  • Purchase link:
  • Genre:  Paranormal thriller
  • Print length: 351 pages
  • Age range: This is an adult book but suitable for mature teens age 16+
  • Trigger warnings: Violent deaths, ghosts, domestic violence, brief reference to severe self harm by a child; pet death.
  • Amazon Rating: 4.8 (7 Ratings)

Trust no one. Especially your neighbors.

Rachel Drake is on the run from the man who killed her husband. She never leaves her safe haven in an anonymous doorman building, until one night a phone call sends her running. On her way to the garage, she is murdered in the elevator. But her story doesn’t end there.

She finds herself in the afterlife, tethered to her death spot, her reach tied to the adjacent apartments. As she rides the elevator up and down, the lives of the residents intertwine. Every one of them has a dark secret. An aging trophy wife whose husband strays. A surgeon guarding a locked room. A TV medium who may be a fraud. An ordinary man with a mysterious hobby. Compelled to spend eternity observing her neighbors, she realizes that any one of them could be her killer. And then, her best friend shows up to investigate her murder.

My Review:

I received a review copy of ‘The Ghosts of Thorwald Place’ by Helen Power from Blackthorn Book Tours in return for my honest review as part of the blog tour.

This book follows Rachel Drake, as she is in hiding from her past. She chose Thorwald Place to live as it is supposed to have the highest level of security for its residents.

Rachel volunteers with the Toronto Distress Line, and one night she receives an unsettling call which brings back her past. She decides it is time to move on to the next place, but before she can leave, she is murdered in the lift of her building.

Her spirit is stuck in between the veil so she must work out how to be at peace so she can move on.

Whilst trying to discover how to do this, she looks into the lives of the residents of her building and what goes on behind closed doors.

When an old friend arrives to investigate her murder, she soon tries to unravel the mystery behind her killer.

Will she work out who is her killer? Are there any other trapped spirits in the building with her?

I enjoyed reading Rachel’s story and looking into the resident’s lives and discovering their darkest secrets. The nosy part of me, loved the fact that Rachel could do this, although I wouldn’t wish anyone dead.

I would say that apart from a couple of creepy ghost chapters this is mainly a mystery, where you are uncovering Rachel’s death. So, if you are not a horror fan, then don’t let the fact there are ghosts in the book put you off reading.

I am hoping that not every apartment building has as many disturbing residents as this one does, as all of them seemed to have their own difficult situations and kept revealing shocking secrets.

Overall, a mysterious paranormal thriller which reminds you, that you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜 /5

This tour continues until 14.02.22, so look out for more posts on Twitter and Instagram:

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