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Book Post and Other Book News: 25.02.22

I have had my Berts Books delivery this week and I have received a few review requests this week too 😊.

Berts Books:

I received all my monthly subscriptions and a couple I ordered using Berts Points, I received:

πŸ’œ Last One at the Party – Bethany Clift

πŸ’œ The Last Thing to Burn – Will Dean

πŸ’œ The Rising Tide – Sam Lloyd

πŸ’œ The House we Grew Up In – Lisa Jewell

πŸ’œ Dead Ground – M.W. Craven

πŸ’œ The Heart Scarab – Saviour Pirotta (My daughters subscription)

Review Requests:

Rachel’s Random Resources:

πŸ’œ The Secret Voices – MJ White

I have received an E-ARC copy of Miranda Dickinson’s first Crime/Thriller

I can’t wait to read and I will be reviewing as part of the blog tour on 01.05.22

Publishing Date is 28.04.22

Red Dragon Publishing:

πŸ’œ A Disturbing Thing Happened Today – Conrad Jones

I received an E-ARC from the publisher in return for my honest review.

Available to Purchase Now

Love Books Tours:

πŸ’œ Honey Harvest – Elissa Kerr

I have received an E-ARC copy in return for my honest review

I will be reading with my daughter and reviewing as part of the blog tour on 26.04.22

Publishing Date is 03.05.22

Lendal Press:

πŸ’œ The Former Boy Wonder – Robert Graham

I have received an E-ARC copy in return for my honest review, and I will post my review as soon as I can

This book is available to buy now.

Upcoming Blog Tours:

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: Wedding Wobbles – Amanda Paull (My review will be posted 11.03.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: Living Your Best Life – Maxine Morrey (My review will be posted 15.03.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: I Will Find You – Amanda Rigby (My review will be posted 20.03.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: Princess No Knots – Deborah Dillon (My review will be posted 21.03.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: Bad penny – Michele Gorman (My review will be posted 24.03.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: Mollie Mack, Private Detective – Linda Dobinson (My review will be posted 01.04.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: David’s Bin Day – Sue Wickstead (My review will be posted 04.04.22)

πŸ’œ Hobeck Books: Fatal Hate – Brian Price (My review will be posted 12.04.22)

πŸ’œ Love Books Tours: Honey Harvest – Elissa Kerr (My review will be posted 26.04.22)

πŸ’œ Rachel’s Random Resources: The Secret Voices – M.J. White (My review will be posted 01.05.22)

πŸ’œ Blackberry Book Tours: The Maker-Man of Merryville – Pete Mesling (My review will be posted 09.05.22)

πŸ’œ Hobeck Books: Blood Lines – Lin Le Versha (My review will be posted 10.05.22)

πŸ’œ Blackberry Book Tours: Katy on Broadway – Ella English (My review will be posted 30.05.22)


5 thoughts on “Book Post and Other Book News: 25.02.22

  1. Another great haul, Jenny. I love the little book about bees, Honey Harvest. We have a beehive in our backyard, but we haven’t harvested any honey yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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