Monthly Wrap Up: February 2022

In the plan for February there were 14 ARC’s review requests, 2 other review requests & 4 A to Z Challenge books (I didn’t get to these).

I actually ended up completing 17 books, not all on my original TBR as I had extra requests added in the month. Another amazing reading month, with some extra review requests squeezed into the original plan.

ARC E-Books and Review Requests:

Here are the 17 books I have completed which I was approached to review. All of these books were gifted to me in return for my honest review:

The Wedding Murders – Sarah Linley

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

Big Sky Mountain: The Forest Wolves – Alex Milway

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

The Dictator’s Wife – Freya Berry

Available to purchase now

Review posted here.

Suspended Animation – Carly Rheilan

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

The Hidden Graveyard Books 1-3 – Marc Layton

Available to purchase now.

Review’s posted here(1), here(2) and here(3).

The Interview – C.M. Ewan

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

The Gifts – Liz Hyder

Available to Purchase Now

Review posted here.

You Are Next – Jamie Millen

Expected Publishing date 07.03.22

Review will be posted 01.03.22.

My Animal Family – Michael Botur

Available to purchase from the link on the blog tour review.

Review posted here.

All Come To Dust – Bryony Rheam

Available to purchase now.

Review posted here.

One For Sorrow – Helen Fields

Expected Publishing date 03.03.22

Review posted here.

56 Days – Catherine Ryan Howard

Available to purchase now and Expected Paperback Publishing Date 03.03.22

Review posted here.

When She Disappeared – Steph Mullin & Nicole Mabry

Expected Publishing date 03.03.22

I will be posting my review today.

The Summer We Forgot – Caroline George

Expected Publishing date 08.03.22

I will be posting my review this week.

The Cabin Sessions – Isobel Blackthorn

Available to purchase now.

I will be posting my review as part of the blog tour 12.03.22.

A To Z Reading Challenge:

I haven’t managed to start this challenge yet, as I managed to plan too many ARC’s/Review Requests. I think this will be the same in March too but I will keep you updated.

My Books of the month:

This is a really hard choice this month, as it is every month. I have chosen three Books:

💜 One For Sorrow – Helen Fields

💜 The Gifts – Liz Hyder

NetGalley Catch Up:

Thanks to Neverending_NetGalley I have some brilliant new templates to wrap up my NetGalley reading each month 😊. Hopefully it will help me reach the 80% target.

This was an amazing month for books, and looking forward to next month’s reading. I have a busy plan for my TBR over the next few months, so hopefully I will be able to keep up. I am not going to moan or complain though as I have been lucky with the ARC/Requests I have received.

Thank you all for reading 💕

Are there any of these books you have read or are looking forward to reading?

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