Debut Authors: 2022 Week #13

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This is a new weekly post which will show some of the debut authors UK releases each week.

Some of the books will come from a spreadsheet I received from 2022 Debut Stars on twitter.

Others will be ones I have come across whilst browsing various sources.

Debut Author Releases from 2022 Debut Stars:

💜 The Life Giver – Jase Puddicombe

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: The Parliament House

Publishing Date: 29.03.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The Dreamers are untouchable. They are protected by the Sun God who speaks to them through their dreams: The Life-Giver. They live away from society and are only seen by their Scribes.

But now someone—or something—has begun attacking them.

The Council tried to place the blame on the Life-Giver, but Dreamer Annelie and her Scribe Lyam know better. They learn that danger is buried deep in the heart of the Council itself, threatening their peaceful way of life for good.

Forced to team up with Enoch, a mysterious man who talks in riddles, the trio must race against time to save their underground city from corruption—before their world crumbles around them.

Goodreads Rating: 4.67 (3 Ratings)

💜 Yinka, Where is your huzband? – Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Genre: Romance

Publisher: Penguin Books UK

Publishing Date: 31.03.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Yinka wants to find love. The problem is she also has a mum who thinks she’s better qualified to find it for her.

She also has too many aunties who frequently pray for her delivery from singledom, a preference for chicken and chips over traditional Nigerian food, and a bum she’s sure is far too small as a result. Oh, and the fact that she’s a thirty-one-year-old South-Londoner who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage is a bit of an obstacle too…

When her cousin gets engaged, Yinka commences Operation Find A Date for Rachel’s Wedding. Will Yinka find herself a huzband? And what if the thing she really needs is to find herself?

Goodreads Rating: 3.88

💜 Ember – Catherine Yardley

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Pegasus

Publishing Date: 31.03.22

Synopsis from Amazon:

A family torn apart by their father’s infidelity are forced to confront the past thirty years later. As Natalie’s younger sister, Amanda, prepares for marriage and impending motherhood, her plea for the family to reunite uncovers pent-up tension and animosity. Can they forget the past and become a family again?

Natalie’s life begins to unravel as their father starts to creep back into their lives and family tensions resurface, affecting her relationship with her boyfriend, Rob. Will the couple find their way back to each other, and can a family that has been torn apart ever heal their wounds?

Can you ever walk away from someone you love, or do some fires never die out?

Goodreads Rating: 5.00 (2 Ratings)

💜 Duckling – Eve Ainsworth

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Penguin Books UK

Publishing Date: 01.04.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:

What if your neighbour asked you to watch her seven-year-old daughter for an afternoon, and didn’t come back?

Lucy’s life is small, but safe. Every day she goes to work, checks in on her unstable, alcoholic father, then spends her evenings watching old Columbo reruns, isolating herself away from the rest of the community on her South London estate.

Her routine is all that she can handle, given what happened in her past.

So when her new neighbour Cassie asks Lucy if she could look after her seven-year-old daughter Rubi, she is reluctant to agree.

Then when the hours pass, and then days, and Rubi’s Mum doesn’t come back, Lucy’s worst-case-scenario is now her reality. Lucy is not only responsible for herself anymore. She is responsible for a scared little girl who needs her help.

Something has happened to Cassie, and Lucy must find her before it’s too late.

Goodreads Rating: 4.59

Other Debut Authors Releases:

💜 Metronome – Tom Watson

Genre: Crime/Thriller

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publishing Date: 31.03.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Not all that is hidden is lost

For twelve years Aina and Whitney have been in exile on an island for a crime they committed together, tethered to a croft by pills they must take for survival every eight hours. They’ve kept busy – Aina with her garden, her jigsaw, her music; Whitney with his sculptures and maps – but something is not right.

Shipwrecks have begun washing up, and their supply drops have stopped. And on the day they’re meant to be collected for parole, the Warden does not come. Instead there’s a sheep. But sheep can’t swim…

As days pass, Aina begins to suspect that their prison is part of a peninsula, and that Whitney has been keeping secrets. And if he’s been keeping secrets, maybe she should too. Convinced they’ve been abandoned, she starts investigating ways she might escape. As she comes to grips with the decisions that haunt her past, she realises her biggest choice is yet to come.

Goodreads Rating: 3.65

💜 These Walls Were Never Really There – Bryan Blears

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: 2QT Limited (Publishing)

Publishing Date: 01.04.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Based on the author’s own experiences of leaving home and travelling across Europe on less than a pound a day, These Walls Were Never Really There is a compelling true story described by publishing editors as ‘immersive and moving’ and ‘a potential prizewinner in the making’.

Initially set in the heart of Manchester’s homeless community, These Walls follows twenty-year-old Cameron, who is propelled on a physical and spiritual journey which will take him far from the life he once knew.

A surprising story about mental health, friendship and redemption, this compelling debut will take you on a journey across Europe and beyond, as Cameron and his travelling companion Jacob navigate perilous border crossings, packs of wolves, and the harsh realities of life on the road.

Set against the backdrop of the emerging Arab Spring, Cameron and Jacob will have their friendship pushed to its limits as they find themselves trapped thousands of miles away from home…

Goodreads Rating: 4.43

💜 After Dark – Jayne Cowie

Genre: Sci-Fi/Dystopian

Publisher: Penguin Books UK

Publishing Date: 01.04.22

Synopsis from Goodreads:


They dominate workplaces, public spaces and government.

They are no longer afraid to cross a dark car park, catch the last train, or walk home alone.

With the Curfew law in place, all men are electronically tagged and must stay at home after 7pm.

It changed things for the better. Until now.

A woman is murdered late at night and evidence suggests she knew her attacker.

It couldn’t have been a man because a Curfew tag is a solid alibi… Isn’t it?

Goodreads Rating: 3.81

Congratulations to all the authors and publishers with releases this week.

Hope you find something you like on the post?

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