Ice Out – Susan Speranza

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘Ice Out’ by Susan Speranza through Book Sirens, in return for my honest review. The expected publishing date is 24.05.22.

This book follows Francesca in Vermont where she lives with her husband and daughter in a house they had designed and built, especially for them.

When there is an accident Francesca is trapped in the icy cold water, she is desperate to escape and find her daughter.

Her husband Ben has abandoned them, which is the biggest betrayal to Francesca.

Why did he leave them? Will Francesca and her daughter survive?

This book has a few different parts where you get to hear from Francesca’s point of view and Ben’s.

It is a devasting story and it did have me thinking why her husband would abandon her in a time of need.

I think Ben’s section does make this a little clearer, but I did start to wonder what was going on towards the end of the book.

I don’t think I felt or related to the characters as much as I had hoped to, I think it was only closer to the end I started to feel some emotion.

It is still brilliantly written and worth a read.

Overall, a devastating novel with hope, danger and grief showing the need to sometimes let go.

My Rating:

💜💜💜.5 /5

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