It Was Always You – Emma Cooper

I received an E-ARC copy of ‘It Was Always You’ by Emma Cooper through NetGalley from Headline Review, in return for my honest review. Thank you to the publisher for my copy. The expected publishing date is 01.06.22.

This book follows Ella and Will a married couple who have spent their life together since 1999.

They have had a family together, but suddenly when both kids have left home Will says to Ella, he thinks they should get a divorce.

Ella tries to work out why Will would suddenly feel this way and when she remembers the strange encounter, she had on the night they become close she tries to work out what this could mean.

Why does Will suddenly want a divorce? Could Ella have a chance to go back and change how their lives would turn out?

I found the beginning of the book quite slow, and I was confused to why Will would suddenly want a divorce when he is obviously still so in love with Ella.

All soon becomes clear, and I must admit there were times I felt heartbroken for some of the characters.

I found the parts where Ella gets hypnotised to try and work out her past quite intriguing and I hoped she would find the answers she was searching for.

Overall, a heart-breaking romance where a couple try to work out their future and may have a chance to change their past.

My Rating:

💜💜💜💜.5 /5

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